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Cheese, Potato, Banana Have Worsened Baby’s Reflux

by Sarah


Cheese based foods and normal potatoes seem to bring on the coughing and vomiting for my daughter. 

Also, she doesn’t do well with scrambled egg, although sometimes she eats foods with dairy in them fine, but too much brings on the coughing and she will just vomit the whole feed back.

When we first started weaning, bananas and sweet potato were also a problem but she’s better with them now. It has been a nightmare ride with lots of tears and stress and sleep deprivation for us all but things are better now and she is a healthy weight.

As soon as she gets poorly, like a cold, she starts vomiting everything up again but apart from that, life with the reflux is much better than it used to be p.s she is nearly 9 mths now!

Note from editor – thanks you so much, Sarah, for sharing your story.

Not only is it useful for other parents to see which foods have caused problems for your little one, it’s also encouraging to find out that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

We hope your daughter goes from strength to strength and that there are many peaceful, undisturbed nights sleep ahead for the whole family

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