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Using Baby Sign Language – The Advantages For Baby And You

Teaching baby sign language is a relatively new concept, but one that is rapidly gaining in popularity as the benefits become clear.

The ability to understand and communicate with your baby is something we often yearn for as parents and using simple sign language from an early age brings a host of other advantages –

  • Using sign language often reduces the frustration and tantrums that baby’s inability to communicate can provoke
  • Children taught baby sign in infancy tend to develop superb language skills later on – including an increased ability to learn a second language
  • Children who sign display a tendency to resolve problems with good communication, not tantrumsSome signing babies actually speak EARLIER than those who don’t use sign
  • Children who sign often develop a higher IQ
  • Parents form deep, strong bonds with their signing children, based on satisfaction and trust – babies are more content, knowing their needs will be metIn families where all children are taught to sign, the bond between siblings is great – particularly when older children are able to communicate with a baby brother or sister

Signing with your baby isn’t difficult to do – you are probably using basic signs already without even realizing!

You can develop your own, unique set of signs or make use of the many resources out there to teach your baby a more ‘official form of sign language…


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