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The Best Storage Systems For Your Homemade Baby Food

Once you really get into the swing of things when making your own baby food, you’ll soon discover that the BEST way to save time is to cook your little one’s purees in advance and keep them in the freezer for later use.

Homemade baby food does NOT mean hours in the kitchen!

Yes, it’s possible to prepare homemade baby food very quickly.

In fact, just one afternoon spent cooking meals for your little one can produce enough food to last your baby for a month!

All you need to do is freeze your creations, then thaw and serve them as needed… which is just as convenient as grabbing a baby food jar (and a LOT cheaper!)

And the good news is that you can safely store baby’s meals for up to one month, whilst still preserving their nutritional value – so freezing your baby’s food isn’t JUST convenient… it’s healthy too!

3 Excellent storage systems for your homemade baby food

There are three products we particularly recommend for storing homemade baby food.

We like them because

  • they allow you to freeze baby food safely (some containers are unsuitable for freezing)
  • they are designed to maximize your freezer space, or you can use them to freeze AND warm baby’s food, saving time on cleaning up.

Mumi&Bubi Solids Starter Kit

  • Ideal for baby food beginners
  • 2 trays, each with 21 cubes… that’s storage for 42 little 1 oz meals !
  • The trays are stackable and they take up an incredibly small amount of freezer space
  • The lids ‘lock on’ to the trays – no freezer burn, contamination or spills to worry about
  • BPA free!
  • The cubes are EASY to get out of the tray – you just press one end of the cube and it slides out the other… no twisting required!

Fresh N Freeze Baby Food Containers

  • Ideal for growing appetites
  • 12 x 2 oz or 6 x 4 oz containers with their own storage tray that fits neatly in the freezer door
  • Tray and containers snap together to keep everything tidy
  • Each container has its own, screw-on lid – so you can take baby’s food out and about and it won’t leak in your bag!
  • BPA free
  • The containers are safe for microwave use – so you can warm baby’s food in them once its thawed.
  • Individual containers are portable for travel.
  • Once baby has outgrown purees, use as storage pots or popsicle molds (just add sticks!)


OXO Tot Baby Blocks

  • Ideal for growing appetites and finger foods – available in 6 x 2 oz containers or 4 x 4 oz containers
  • Use the blocks to freeze, heat and serve baby’s food (less to clean up afterwards!)
  • Blocks come with their own storage tray
  • Lids are designed to be easy to open and easy to close
  • BPA free
  • Individual blocks are portable for travel
  • The 4 oz pots make great finger food containers as baby grows

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