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Baby Bibs

Baby bibs should meet three important criteria…

  • They need to properly protect baby’s clothes.
  • They must be easy to clean.
  • They should be comfortable for baby to wear.

Here are a selection of bibs that not only meet these needs, but also LOOK great and ensure your baby will be eating in style!

Silicone Baby Bib with Food Catcher

These Silicone Baby Bibs from Ashtonbee are the perfect solution to messy bibs.

They can be used over and over again (so you’ll only need to buy one set) and they wipe clean in seconds, with no laundering required.

We love the large pockets which collect everything that baby drops, preventing a lap-full of soggy food!

The adjustable fastening is secure around baby's neck and - unlike Velcro - is not easy for your little one to remove!

These are great for popping in the diaper bag when you’re out and about - a quick rinse under the tap and they're clean again!

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Bumkins Waterproof SuperBib, Unisex, 3-Pack

Some of the most popular baby bibs around, the SuperBibs by Bumkins come in a variety of eye-catching patterns and do a great job of keeping baby clean and comfortable.

Made of Bumkins' special waterproof fabric, the bibs can be rinsed under the tap or put in the washing machine - and they roll up nice and small to stow in your purse when dining out with your little one!

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Bumkins Waterproof Sleeved Bib

Most baby bibs do a great job of keeping the front of baby’s clothes clean… but what happens if he’s wearing long sleeves?

Well, here’s the solution – this gorgeous sleeved bib from Bumkins.

Like all Bumkins bibs, it’s made from their easy-to-clean waterproof fabric and it’s available in lots of different cool designs.

It ties around baby’s neck so it’s IMPOSSIBLE for baby to remove – a real bonus if you have a little one like ours, whose chief mealtime entertainment is finding new ways to get his bib off!

Easy to rinse OR wash off in the machine, this bib is great for protecting clothes from paints and markers during playtime, too!

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Dex Baby Dura Bib Crum Catcher

The Dura-Bib is extremely durable (as its name suggests!) - in fact, its manufacturers are so confident of its staying power that they promise to send you a new one if the snaps wear out!

But what we REALLY like about this bib is the cool pocket that can be UNSNAPPED - so you can easily get to the little bits of food that have fallen into it. What a neat idea!

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Munchkin Disposable Bibs, 24 Pack

Disposable bibs can be really convenient when you're out and about with your little one.

This bib is lined at the back so it does a good job of keeping baby's clothes nice and clean and it's a good size, so it provides plenty of coverage.

It also has a pocket at the bottom to collect crumbs.

The only downside is that your baby may discover (as ours did) that these bibs are quite easy to pull off! But for occasional use on vacations and days out, they're great!

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Bumkins Waterproof Junior Bib, Blue Fizz

When your little one starts feeding himself, you may find that some regular baby bibs are a little too small, or just don't offer enough protection.

One option is a sleeved bib - another is this handy Junior Bib by Bumkins.

Made from Bumkins waterproof fabric, this bib features a large pocket and Velcro® closure and is supersized to be ideal from around 12 months all the way through to age 3.

The sleeves make it hard for baby to remove and you can use this bib to protect baby's clothes during art play, too, so it works out to be excellent value for money!

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Baby Bibs Available In The UK

Pop-In Bib, Stage 2, Hedgehog Bib

Whereas most crumb catcher bibs are made entirely from plastic or silicone, this one is made of a softer, reversible fabric.

It features a fold-up pouch to give your baby a second chance at those elusive morsels of food, and is waterproof, resistant to stains, and easy to wipe clean.

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Waterproof Silicone Bucket Bib

We love these eco-friendly roll-up bibs.

Whilst they're ideal for use at home, they're also GREAT for travel. As their name suggests, you just wipe them clean then roll them up!

And unlike other wipe clean bibs, they're nice and soft and totally comfortable for your little one to wear.

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Playshoes 40 X 40cm Nylon Long Sleeve Baby Bib

When your baby is feeding himself, messy mealtimes are par for the course! But this doesn't mean that his clothes have to be ruined - these coveralls protect his clothes and even keep his cuffs clean!

We also find coveralls really handy for messy play and may save you having to buy an apron for painting, play dough etc.

Suitable from 6 months all the way to age 4!

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Tommee Tippee Disposable Bibs

If you're travelling with your baby - or even just out and about for the day - you may not want to be bothered with dirty bibs!

So here's the solution - baby bibs that can be thrown away after use.

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Sillybillyz Bib with Sleeves 6 - 24 Months

We love Silly Billyz bibs - and these are perfect for older babies getting to grips with feeding themselves.

They can be washed in the machine and tumble-dried, and are available in a range of fabulous colours.

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