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Baby First Food Recipes To Tempt Those Tiny Tastebuds

The first solid foods for baby don’t have to be boring! These baby first food recipes are imaginative, tasty and ideal for beginners.

Not sure whether or not the time is right to introduce solid food to your baby? Then please take a moment to read the baby first food – introducing solids section. You’ll find plenty of advice and information to help you make this important decision.

And don’t forget to visit the baby food preparation and storage section for some tips on how to safely cook and store your baby’s food.

REMEMBER – Consult your child’s doctor before introducing any new foods to your baby. And always apply the four day rule when you introduce each different food. This will help you identify any food that may cause allergic reactions or digestive problems in your baby.


Although commercially prepared rice cereal is convenient, making your own is easy and far more nutritious!

Here’s our article about whether or not rice cereal is the best first food for baby

We also have lots more breakfast ideas for baby.

Baby First FoodFind the baby first food recipe that’s perfect for your little one

Vegetables and fruits

Vegetables are the perfect first solid foods for baby, both nutritious and easy to digest. Some parents prefer to introduce vegetables before fruits – if baby gets used to the natural sweetness of fruits first, he might not be so willing to accept vegetables later.

Healthy and delicious, fruits also make wonderful first foods for babies. Not all fruits are suitable at this stage, though – see foods to avoid, for more information.

For some simple baby first food recipes using a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, visit … pureed baby food recipes

And to create the perfect consistency for your baby, learn how to thicken or thin baby food purees.

Combine foods for fun flavours

Once your baby is enjoying these vegetables and fruits, how about combining the two for some unique and surprisingly delicious flavours?

Apples and carrots are wonderful mixed together – have a taste for yourself and see! We also recommend apples or bananas with sweet potato – it may sound strange, but it tastes great!

This is a wonderful veggie/fruit combination recipe that you may like to try … (just remember to save some for baby!)

Tropical Treat

1 avocado pear

1 butternut squash

1 papaya

2 pears

  1. Peel the squash and remove the seeds.
  2. Steam until tender.
  3. Peel the pear, remove the core, then slice and add to the pan.
  4. Simmer for about 10 mins.
  5. Remove the skins and seeds/stone from the papaya and avocado pear.
  6. Put all the ingredients into a blender and puree, thin with a little of the cooking water if necessary.

This recipe will yield quite a few portions and it has a lovely, unusual flavour… yum!

As your baby gets a little older, you can thicken the texture of these baby first food recipes by leaving out some of the liquids. And when your baby is an accomplished eater of solid foods, enjoying this wide variety of fruits and vegetables, then it’s time to move on and introduce some exciting new elements to your baby’s diet …

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