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Finger Food For Baby

Looking for the perfect finger food for baby? These foods are all healthy, nutritious and ideal for a baby getting to grips with feeding himself!

If any of these foods are new to your baby, it is important to apply the four day rule as you introduce them.

This will help you identify and prevent potential food allergies and digestive problems.

Not sure whether or not your baby is ready for finger foods? Then visit the finger food for baby – guide to getting started for some useful information and tips, or visit our Baby Led Weaning section if your baby will be feeding himself from the very beginning!

Finger Food for Baby



Other healthy snacks

  • Lightly toasted bread or bagels
  • Scrambled eggs (yolks are usually fine from 6 months, but speak to your doctor before introducing whole eggs)
  • Bite size pieces of cheese
  • Pea size pieces of cooked chicken
  • Cereals, such as puffed rice or Cheerios
  • Pieces of pitta bread, naan or chappati
  • Tiny sandwiches, filled with soft cheese or mashed banana
  • Fingers of cheese on toast
  • Cooked pasta, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese
  • Tofu cubes (see tofu information and recipes to learn how tofu can benefit your baby)
  • Plain rice cakes
  • Overcooked brown rice – it’s sticky and will “clump” together

Make your own healthy finger foods with these homemade finger food recipes and baby led weaning recipes.

Or add some extra flavour to baby’s finger foods with these recipes for baby dips and spreads or homemade hummus recipes.

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Finger Foods for Baby

“My First Big Boy Lunch!”

This was Josh’s first real all finger foods lunch. He seemed so proud he could eat by himself.

Thanks for the ideas!

Scot May – Pittsburgh, PA, US

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Sandwiches for Baby

“Mmmmm Cream Cheese!”

My 8 month old Skyla loved her tiny sandwiches with some creamed cheese in them – great suggestion! And doesn’t she look most proud of herself!

Thanks for the ideas!

Tara & Skyla – Narrabeen, NSW Australia

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Healthy Food, Happy Baby

Healthy food, happy baby

Our little 9 month old Maximilian loves to eat his veggies.

I am trying a lot of your recipes for him… he has fun and is enjoying every single one of them, so thank you for those great ideas

Tanja – Schofield Barracks, Hawaii

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