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To Rice or Not To Rice…

by Erika
(Scottsdale, AZ)

I wanted to wait as long as possible before starting my daughter on any solids whatsoever, including rice cereal. I am entirely gluten free, and also do not eat corn, rarely will I eat rice or even gluten free oats. Quinoa is my grain of choice.

I knew it would be too complex of a substance to start my daughter out on, so without knowing any better, I went ahead one day out of desperation (she had not been sleeping for over a week… waking multiple times per night, etc.) I gave her the Tasty Dreams rice cereal. She didn’t like it at first, but then by the third time I offered it, she took it well. She slept better that night then she had in weeks.

Not traditionally wanting to start my daughter off on a grain cereal, I decided to go ahead and offer vegetables. I offered her avocado, which she didn’t like at first, but when mixed with a little breastmilk and about a teaspoon of the rice cereal, she loved it. Next I offered her butternut squash. She LOVES it!

I am not going to continue to offer the rice cereal, but instead offer her the vegetables (one at a time). Its only been 4 days, and she is sleeping better at night and during her naps. I am thrilled. I just don’t think that rice alone for two weeks could be healthy. My naturopath agrees.

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