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Starting Solids for Premature Babies - 3 Moms Share their Experiences

When My Premature Babies Started Solids

by April D

(Seattle, WA)

My twins were born 4 weeks early and I also have an older child as well. I decided that since it’s recommended that you start solids from between 4 and 6 months I’d split the difference and start them at 5 months which was their adjusted age of 4 months.

The decision was based on whether my babies’ tongue thrust was still prevalent and once they were able to swallow without any trouble and they seemed interested in eating then I began regular feedings.

They are 1 year now and eat like pros but still have trouble with their sippy cups but we’re working on that...

My baby started solids at 4 months

Our pedi advised starting cereal and stage 1 food at 4 months as DS could hold up his head well by then, he could sit well with support and was losing the tongue thrust reflex- i.e. pushing everything that is put in his mouth back out!

Our DS was 6 weeks early and low birthweight but he has usually been meeting his milestones around his actual birth age so we have luckily never used his adjusted age.

He is now 16 months and doing great. Good luck to all preemie parents out there – these are truly our little wonders and you are doing a great job with them!

Solid Foods for Baby Born at 27 Weeks

by Arlene Maxwell

(United Kingdom)

Charlotte was born at 27 weeks and started solids at 19 weeks old on advice from her consultant.

She is much happier now – before starting solids she was taking 1200 ml of Nutriprem2 a day.

She loves sweet potatoes but everything has to be home made… she refuses to eat baby food from a jar.

Learn more about Introducing Solids to Your Premature Baby.

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