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Review of the Beaba Baby Cook

by Valerie

(Aliso Viejo, CA)

This is the most amazing product and one that is a must have if you are planning to make your baby homemade baby food.

This food system was developed by the French and recently brought to the US. Basically its a mini food processor that not only breaks the food down to a consistency of smoothness, but also steam cooks the food as well all in a matter of 15 to 20 minutes. The clean up is simple and easy and you can use it for any type of food. Fruits, veggies, meats…etc.

It’s a little pricey but definitely worth the investment. For Example it cost about .65 to .85 per jar of store bought baby food that is filled with all these preservatives and lacks freshness. By using the Beaba baby cook you can buy, for example, a butternut squash at $3.00 and get 15 meals out of that one squash…you do the math!

Being a working mommy in these economic times, savings and time are very important to me. So not only does this machine pay itself off in the long run but I also have the time to make nutritious food for my 7 month son. Normally I will do it while he takes a nap or playing in his crib. In about 45 minutes I can make him 3 different recipes and he has instantly about a month supply of baby food!

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Comments for Review of the Beaba Baby Cook

Love it
by: Anonymous

I really like this machine. I am quite sure I wouldn’t have made homemade baby food as often as I did if I had to do without the Beaba.

Awesome and handy
by: Anonymous

I am a first time mom and this was recommended to me by another first time mom who vouched for it. I was quite reluctant to invest that amount of money in it initially but would now completely agree that it is a life saver for mums like me who are working full time and still want to feed their little ones the best of home made foods.

I did have a problem with the lid of the jar but the same was instantly replaced by John Lewis who were very helpful not only at the time of selling the machine but also at the time of replacing the faulty product.

It is a very intelligent product and very easy to use. I would recommend it to all moms out there who like to give the best to their little ones.

Great product
by: Anonymous

For the amount of food a baby eats this thing is great.

If I wanted to drag out the food processor and steamer that would also do the job. What I like about this unit is it is easy to store in a small kitchen, easy to clean just one machine, and the food portions it makes are perfect.

I take the purée and put it into an ice cube tray that has rubber bottoms on each cube so I can easily push out individual cubes of baby food. Put the cubes in a ziploc bag, insert the bag into a bowl of hot water to thaw, use scissors to cut the corner of the bag and squeeze it out like cake frosting onto a spoon.

Minimal clean up and waste, my baby loves the fresh food!

Stay away from these things
by: Anonymous

I purchased one of these styles of cooker/blenders and I have to say it was completely worthless.

It neither cooked nor blended as well as a $180.00 machine should in my opinion.

Your better off to invest 5-10 in a drop in colander and purchase a good blender/food processor instead.

by: jess

I was recommended this product by a friend. I am so glad that i listened!

It doesn’t take up much room, its easy to clean, and works fast! Anyone who wants to make homemade food and doesn't have a lot of time needs this!

I even took it with me on vacay and used it in the hotel room! It is such a great product!

Good product but..
by: Biel’s mom

We bought the Beaba cooker as it came recommended by my sister in law. we were very happy with it until it stopped grinding the baby food well… This became a problem since my baby is not used to finger foods yet and has a strong gag reflex…

This is where the problem is with this cooker: customer service. When u call them they are beyond rude. We ordered a blade and 2 months later we had not received it, we had to call them and reorder. We finally received it but it turns out the blade was not faulty…

We still have not figured out what the problem is…

Despite that I would recommend the product.

Does its job
by: Anonymous

My mom got this for me while I was pregnant since I was planning to make my own baby food. It works well mostly.

I find that my food processor purees more smoothly when doing large batches. For me its actually more convenient to use the kitchen equipment I already had because I can make larger batches.

For someone who doesn’t already have a kitchen full of gadgets this is a great addition. If I want to make a small batch of food I use the Beaba.

The best money spent!
by: nicola

I always made comments, when pregnant, about not making home-made baby food due to the time I thought it would take, and being exhausted being a mother. Through research, I came across the Beaba Baby Cook and purchased it online.

The machine is very easy to use, a flick of a switch and you’re done! It is not time consuming at all – I never thought making food was so easy, and it is so rewarding watching my son’s enthusiasm eating the food!

We have saved so much money making food rather than buying it, and it’s a wonderful feeling knowing he is getting freshly prepared food!

Great product
by: anonymous

I just got the Beaba baby cook because I wanted to prepare for my son, homeade baby foods. The Beaba cook is so simple and fast! And its very easy to clean…also, it takes up very little room on my counter.

All I can say about this product is that I love love love it! if you want to make your own baby food, so you can know exactly what your precious baby is intaking, you NEED one of these!

Beaba Baby Cook is indeed Fabulous!
by: rebecca

I got this machine for my grandson and his mother absolutely loves it and enjoys making yummy recipes(from this website.)

My daughter says the machine not only cooks the food but it can defrost and also reheat the food and portions she needs. It’s been a lifesaver for her and my grandson is enjoying nutritious meals! Thanks for posting this device!

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