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Parents' Experiences with Reflux and Baby Food

On this page we have published the tips, advice and experiences of parents who've dealt with infant reflux in their babies. 

We hope you find this information useful.

Reflux in baby – pear is well tolerated

My daughter is nearly 11 months and this journey has certainly been a long one. I have found that she can tolerate pear and sweet potato very well.

Pumpkin, apple, peach, apricot, any gree veg, watermelon, rockmelon, pasta, bread flares her reflux greatly.

She is still breast fed and I have had to eliminate a lot of things from my diet as they cause a flare up in her. I stick to very bland food, meat and veg. I drink nothing but water, any soft drink causes a massive flare up.

She is also allergic to dairy and eggs so these problems complicate her reflux.

I mix pear into just about everything and this helps her eat it, then I can work out what she can eat.

Other food items that she can eat in moderation are rice cereal, soy yoghurt, lamb, chicken, beef, tuna, cheerio cereal and milk arrowroot biscuits (they mustn’t have too much milk in them as she can tolerate these with a milk allergy).

I hope I have helped some one with their solids journey.

Pear mixed with butternut squash works well for baby reflux

I weaned my son at 4 months and found that sweet potato and carrot brought back the pain, arching back and sickness. However, he took well to pear and butternut squash and loves the combination of the two.

I’ve also mixed pear with parsnip and that seems to go down well. Courgettes seem okay if mixed with baby rice but peas weren’t good for him. Now I always mix pear with what he’s eating and it’s stops him from getting constipated.

He’ll probably end up with a sweet tooth but as long as he’s happy at the moment, I don’t mind!

Mixed Grain Cereal and Pears for Infant Reflux

I have a 2 year old daughter without reflux and a 5 month son with reflux.

It was not diagnosed for 3 months because it was thought to be colic.

I put rice cereal in his formula to start, along with having him sleep at a 30 degree angle and the results were unbelievable. My sister said it looks like he is drinking a shake because it is so thick!

He did get constipated, so I switched to Mixed Grain and I have started him on pears as well. I find it harder to feed him because he does not readily go for the spoon but things are getting better.

My advice to Moms is – if your newborn is not sleeping or eating, try propping him up and thickening your formula or breast milk.

Watermelon was wonderful for reflux babe

When we started our bub on solids, we gave him mushed up watermelon. He loved it and it caused no problems at all with his reflux. He still eats it all the time and we freeze it when he’s teething. He did OK with pears too.

I would steer clear of pineapple. Our doctor told us it was too acidic and would cause a flare up and I’ve heard from other parents of reflux babes that this is true. We also keep bub away from citrus.

Overfeeding my enthusiastic eater caused her to vomit

Sweet potato and banana seemed to aggravate my daughter’s sensitive system. She vomited the entire contents of her stomach in her crib during nap.

She is a constant eater and I mistakenly let her eat too much of her solids and then she nursed to sleep. Her belly was over-filled and I believe that’s what caused her to vomit.

Cereal works best for her reflux, but then she is constipated and gassy.

The happy medium we have found recently is to mix cereal with steamed pears or prune juice.

Frequent smaller meals has helped as well as keeping her upright after eating.

Another biggie has been to not feed her cereal within 1-2 hours of bedtime or naps.

During the day I feed her solids when she wakes up from a nap. Since she nurses to sleep, this also helped space out feedings–nursing before sleep, solids when waking.

Bananas and sweet potato cause vomiting

I started my little guy at 6mths with avocado which had a small reflux reaction, but bananas and sweet potatoes are causing lots of vomits over the course of the day until they are expelled.

Rice and bread seem to be going fine. As well as strawberries, watermelon, potato. I am going to try again with the avocado alone tomorrow and see how it goes.

Infant reflux – avoid cereal and bananas!

I had a bad experience with rice cereal. I started solid feeding Ardithya at 5 1/2 months.

He cried non stop on rice cereal but did wonderfully on pears, squash and sweet potatoes.

He didn’t take well to bananas either.

I thickened my breast milk

I haven’t got a tip about solids yet as we’re only just starting, but other parents might like to know what worked for me.

At 5 months my son Jake was still vomiting after milk, especially at night. He was in a lot of pain and neither of us was getting much sleep.

I went to the doctor to ask about Zantac, but she said I should try thickening my breast milk before putting Jake on medication. I had to learn to express milk (I’d never done that before, but it wasn’t too bad) and then I thickened it with Karicare and started feeding him from the bottle.

Almost immediately the vomiting stopped. He sometimes brings up a little of his feed, but hardly anything – and he is sleeping really well at night, too.

Infant reflux is a nightmare and I tried everything that’s supposed to help – but this is the only thing that actually worked. I really hope this might help another family.

Acidophilus milk helped baby’s reflux

I’m using Acidophilus plus Bifidobacterium 2% milk for my daughter Anya.

The “good bacteria” in it helps your digestion – my whole family use this milk and it has benefited Anya enormously.

I recommend it for anyone struggling with a reflux baby.

Orange Vegetables Worsen Baby’s Reflux

Orange vegetables are the pits!!!!!

Orange vegetables such as carrot, pumpkin and sweet potato seem to flare up my daughters reflux.

Pear, apple, zuchini and rice cereal (which is gluten, wheat and dairy free) are okay.

She screamed for literally 3 days after having the orange in colour vegetables, just like she did as a baby before being put on Losec suspension.

Have yet to try any other foods, it is slowly, slowly.

Buttered Toast Made Baby’s Reflux Worse

After introducing toast to my little boy he seems to have become very sick with a strong acid smell again.

It had calmed down but he had sudden flare up.

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