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How You Can Offer ‘Pieces’ of Food to Baby Without the Fear of Choking

We know from the many messages we receive that getting started with finger foods causes a lot of anxiety!

The thought of offering your baby a piece of food to hold and bite for himself can be a scary one… after all, you’ve probably been carefully controlling the texture of his food up to now, particularly the size of the pieces he puts into his mouth.

You may fear that he will – quite literally – bite off more than he can chew, or have trouble ‘gumming’ the food to the point where he can swallow it.

In fact, we tend to under-estimate our babies’ abilities when it comes to dealing with finger foods. Most babies manage perfectly well, some with no teeth whatsoever. Our little ones would usually eat what they could, then simply spit out any tougher pieces or – in the case of certain fruits and veggies – bits of skin.

Nevertheless, the fear may persist. And if you find it’s holding YOU back in allowing your baby a little independence at mealtimes, then why not consider using a mesh feeder, sometimes known as a teething feeder?

(Already have a mesh feeder? Here’s our list of Best Foods for a Mesh Feeder)

What exactly IS a mesh feeder and how does it work?

A mesh feeder is simply a little mesh bag with a handle. You put baby’s food into the bag (ideas include raw apple, chunks of banana, frozen blueberries or grapes), then seal it up and give it to your baby.

Your little one can then use the handle to hold on and gnaw away at the bag, creating his own ‘puree’.

And the ‘puree’ is all that will get into his mouth – any peel, seeds or lumpy bits will remain in the bag!

Ideal from around 5 months onwards, the feeder…

  • helps you introduce finger foods WITHOUT the worry!
  • is great for a teething baby – just fill with frozen fruit and all that gnawing will numb baby’s gums, stopping the pain (AND the tears!).
  • has a ‘chill’ feature in the handle, keeping food cool and therefore safe for baby.comes with a storage cap for mess free travel.can be used even BEFORE your baby starts solids… it’s a great way to serve breast milk popsicles!
  • is one of those invaluable baby accessories that costs very little but gets used over and over again!

Benefits of a Mesh Feeder

  • stops baby from getting 'lumps' of food in his mouth
  • is ideal for teething
  • has a 'chill' feature to keep food cool
  • comes with a storage cap
  • can be used to serve breast milk popsicles!
  • gives great value for money!

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