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Introducing Solids to a Premature Baby – Mom Knows When the Time is Right!

by Sandy


My second born was 4 weeks early. Thank goodness for already having a child and for having many mommy pals.

At the 6 month checkup, one of the pediatricians in the office yelled at me for not having fed the baby jars of food yet. I told her I had let the baby try but could tell by her tongue reflex and digestive issues, she just wasn’t ready for meals yet and that at 6 months, I could tell by the end of the month she might be ready and I’d try her when she seemed ready.

That particular pediatrician insisted my babies health needs weren’t being met. I insisted she was not paying attention to the actual child but reading charts that had nothing to do with the actual baby.

At 7 months, the child was ready to start eating foods and her first foods that she seemed to take to best were egg yolks and meats, only light rice cereal but not large quantities, and baby treats that dissolve well like Mum-Mums and vegetable cheese doodle looking things. She likes some veggies and fruits too.

She’s more of a snacker than a big meal eater. She’s growing, she’s healthy and does well if you consider her a preemie instead of going by actual age. I’ve got a pal who had a baby also born 4 weeks early but hers was better considered by actual age than as a preemie. Proof that not all babies were made from the same cloth.

Note from editor – thank you so much for sharing your story and GOOD FOR YOU for sticking to your guns! One day, we hope, our intuition as mothers will be taken a little more seriously. I’m sure your story will help inspire other mommies to ‘follow their gut’ in situations like this. Best wishes to you both

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