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Early Feeding

by Marj


I am a first-time mom of a healthy baby boy who is now 18 months old.

I got lots of advice from my immediate relatives when my baby turned 6 months. However, as a mom, though I didn’t have enough experience in taking care of a baby, I did not accept all the advice given to me.

I carefully study it before I apply it to my baby, or sometimes I do research or consult my pediatrician.

There was one piece of advice that was given to me when my baby turned 6 months with which I completely did not agree. I was told that in order for my baby not to feed too much of the formula (I just breastfed for a month then my breastmilk stopped), I should mix the cereal with the milk inside the feeding bottle.

I was thinking, my baby might choke since he was bottle-fed while lying in the crib. If I were in his position, I would have difficulty drinking the milk when the consistency of the formula will be thicker than usual. So, I did not follow that advice.

I went to the conventional way of introducing solid food to my baby which started in mashed squash, carrots or potatoes. Now, he loves rice plus any soup with vegetables and his favorite is Nido soup. I also have crackers, low-fat milk or yakult for snacks. Occasionally, fruit shakes, ice cream or yogurt.

comments - by raquel

I have been under pressure since I sent my son to the Nursery at 3 months old.

At 4 months, the pediatrician said I can introduce him to solids, but I did not agree because I felt he will surely choke as he could not sit up as yet.

The care giver was also giving my son water to drink even though my instructions were clear “NO WATER”. I almost freaked out when she told me.

It has been extremely challenging as the advice from every one was to feed him solid foods by 4 months. He is 6 months and doing fine with being breastfed. Very soon he will be introduced to solids slowly.

My advice to new mothers, do your research and use wisdom.

Guidelines for Introducing Solids to Your Breastfed Baby.

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