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Difficulties with breastfeeding

Breastfeeding “I do not have enough milk” True Or False ???

by Leane

(South Africa)

I have heard it over and over again. Many of my friends only breastfed for a couple of days or weeks (if their baby was lucky) and then switched to formula. The reason – “I don’t have enough milk”.

I agree that there are certain circumstances when moms are unable to breastfeed but I think this particular reason is misunderstood.

Perhaps moms are misinformed, or too stressed out, they try to calculate feed amounts (how – I have no clue, but they think they need a flow meter between their breast and their baby).

They give up too quickly as they honestly believe their milk supply is insufficient.

Well my story proves this excuse (in most cases) is not true.

My baby (5 months 3 weeks today) refused the right breast. No matter what she would not take it.

Over time the amount of milk diminished (supply, demand – no supply so no demand on the right) until only the left breast was feeding her.

She has been exclusively breastfed.

She has gained weight, her length and head circumference has all grown according to growth charts and her cognitive development is perfectly on track.

I am on this site as I am about to introduce solids and refuse to use the well marketed nestum or cerelac (South African products). I was given a sample of nestum and the second ingredient is sugar!!!!! NO THANKS.

It is amazing how well marketed the baby food products are. They lead our ignorant society to believe that it is the only way to feed a baby. People have questioned how my child is going to grow well without these products, they ask; “what about the added vitamins and minerals that these products have??” Did anyone ever think why they have added vitamins and minerals….. because they are like cardboard and desperately need supplementation. Ha, I cannot believe how easily brainwashed we are by excellent marketing.

Anyway, now that I so successfully sidetracked, the bottom line is moms need to be informed that more often than not nature knows best.

I have exclusively breastfed for 6 months with one breast and have a perfectly healthy child. I could have said “I don’t have enough milk” but I persevered and the rewards of successful breastfeeding are priceless.

comments from editor...

Thank you, Leane, for sharing your story with us – I hope this will encourage other moms experiencing the same problem not to give up! And I hope your little one goes on to enjoy your homemade baby food creations

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