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Baby Rice (or, THERE SHE BLOWS!!!)

by MomOf18
(St. Louis, MO USA)

I have used baby rice as the first food for all of our little ones (my 5, plus I am caring for my 13th foster), but will definitely rethink the trend next time.

THIS time, however, introducing rice had the opposite effect. Our baby had projectile vomiting, then diarrhea for up to 48 hours after one small serving. He tolerated oatmeal and barley just fine, but each time I tried to reincorporate rice we got the same result.

If rice flour is an ingredient in mixed foods, I have learned that I can count on the same affect.

So, I am looking now for recipes for finger foods for an 11+ month old.

Comments for Baby Rice (or, THERE SHE BLOWS!!!)

by: Barbara

Have you tried pancakes as finger food? My 9 mo. old refuses to be fed so I had to resort in putting veggies and carbs with protein into one finger item. Last pancake I made for my twins had acorn squash beaten together with several egg yolks, buttermilk and flour to thicken. They ate it up like no tomorrow!

by: MomOf18

Great idea, thanks! My 18 month old will no doubt scarf those down, and it sounds like a good lunch/snack option as well! 

The one with the rice allergy is 09 months old now, and just now on non – strained mashed foods. (i.e. stage 2). Which means no cheerios, or poofy treats.

He can have the zwieback toast at least, but that is more for teething than snacking ya know? But I have a squash on the counter right now – we will be trying those pancakes tomorrow.

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