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Baby Led Weaning – Much Faster Progress Than I Expected!

by Helen


My son is now 9 months and we started BLW at 6 months. 

Baby Led Weaning - Much Faster Than I Expected

We have loved the experience and I think he has too.

He took to the concept of solid food very smoothly and developed a hoovering technique – for runny things like yoghurt he’d dip his fingers in and then suck them; for stews, lentils etc he’d grab handfuls and suck the food into his mouth; for the usual favourites like broccoli florets and breadsticks he was a total disaster and has only started to make progress in the last couple of weeks now he has top teeth and likes the crunching noises he can make.

His favourite is probably mackerel and he adores strawberries too. About the only thing he dislikes so far is cucumber (which I never thought had enough taste to be dislikeable!).

We manage the mess well enough with a tablecloth on the floor and plastic messy play bibs – and he just eats whatever we are having (or had the day before) which keeps the waste down.

We have had a bit of a hard time when we’re out and about because he’s so bad at finger food but we just carried lots of cloths (and clothes!) with us and now we’re past the worst and he can manage cheese, fruit and crackers without too much debris.

We also found a great childminder who is happy to do BLW with him at lunchtimes too.

Overall the one thing that has surprised us was how quickly he progressed to being able (and wanting) to eat 3 meals a day plus snacks!

I’d expected a very slow progression after reading all about how he should be on mostly milk til one – these days he has just 4 feeds a day (breastmilk still despite the new teeth which he uses quite a lot at the moment) He does have days where he’s not as hungry but he definitely complains about it if we ever try to skip a meal.

So verdict overall is FANTASTIC and we’ll keep going for sure!

A big thumbs up for baby led weaning!
by: Christine (Editor)

What a wonderful and positive account of your son’s experiences – thank you so much for sharing. I’m sure your comments will inspire many parents to approach baby led weaning with confidence – best wishes to you and your little man! x

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