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Baby Led Feeding… by Accident!

by Sunny G

(West Monroe, LA)

I stumbled upon this website after searching for finger food recipes for my 9 month old daughter.

At around 7 months my daughter became resistant to spoon feeding (after only a few weeks of trying) and I was at loss as what to do. I just started giving her food off my plate.

I was amazed at how eager she was to eat when I did this. So that became our routine!

To me, it was worth the mess. She sits at the table and eats with the rest of the family instead of me focusing on feeding her (resulting in me eating alone) or eating before the rest of us. Now that I know this is an actual technique of other parents, I feel more secure in my decision. Thank you so much for the information and affirmation!!!

Comments for Baby led feeding… by accident!

Independent babies!
by: Christine (Editor)

We’re so glad you found this page helpful

It’s quite incredible how many messages we receive from parents having trouble feeding their babies who see a massive transformation once they allow them to feed themselves! Their independent natures mean that they are FAR happier when THEY are in control at mealtimes and it can make all the difference between a peaceful dinner table and a battleground!

It’s also a great way to avoid over-feeding, placing baby in charge of his/her calorie intake It’s wonderful to hear how your little one is enjoying baby led weaning – hope she enjoys lots of our recipes!

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