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Baby Food and G6PD Deficiency

by Kristine 

Hi everybody! I am Kristine from the Philippines. I’d just like to share my thoughts on raising my second daughter, Cheyenne.

Cheyenne was born on October 8, 2010. She is now 7 months old. She was born healthy though, she has G6PD. G6PD deficiency is an inherited condition in which the body doesn’t have enough of the enzyme glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, or G6PD, which helps red blood cells (RBCs) function normally.

This deficiency can cause hemolytic anemia, usually after exposure to certain medications, foods, or even infections. There is no known cure nor do you grow out of it. It is a life long condition.

The only thing you can do is avoid substances which cause oxidative stress and that use G6PD.

It was difficult for me to accept at first because my eldest daughter is not affected. But after educating myself about the deficiency, I was able to understand and accept everything. G6PD babies are not allowed to eat certain foods that can trigger it like FAVA beans, tofu, soy, mints and others.

Cheyenne’s first solid food was Earth’s Best Rice Cereal and she loves it. Earth’s Best Rice Cereal is an organic cereal that does not have soy and gluten unlike Nestle Cerelac that has both.

However, there are times that this cereal is not available on the market so I tried Happy Timez Rice Cereal and Oatmeal. However Happy Timez Brand is very costly compared to Earth’s Best brand (a box would cost Php 250.00++). It was very hard to look for a cereal or oatmeal that is soy-free.

So I tried other alternatives. I am so lucky to have found this website because it gave me ideas and information on how I could prepare my home made baby food.

I have tried grinding the oatmeal (Quaker Oats 100% Rolled Oats) and mixed it with an egg yolk. My… she loves it and it is cheaper!

The information of storing baby’s food is very helpful too!. Since I am a working Mom, I usually prepare my baby’s food that is good for five days and freeze them on an individual baby container. I am very excited on trying other recipes here because I know the ingredients would not harm my baby and also it was prepared with Love and Care!

NOTE FROM EDITOR: We now have a page on our site for parents of babies with this condition, offering advice about which foods to avoid and links to useful resources.

Visit now…

Foods for a Baby With G6PD Deficiency

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Comments for Baby Food and G6PD Deficiency

mom of 2 g6pd baby boys
by: line

I too am a mother of 2 g6pd babies, 2 years old and 3 months old.

It was horrible at first but reading blogs and doing my own research assured me that my boys can have a healthy life and just be as normal children. They have regular check-ups with a pediatrician.

Their milk, Nan HW Yan Lang ang milk with no soy na mabilis hanapin dito sa Philippines.

Vitamins ceelin, nutrilin, I remember our pedia prescribed ferlin when my elder son was 4 mos old and breastfeed ganun daw Kasi un pg breastfeed and for 2 mos yon iniinum.

Vit c is ok kasi therapeutic dose Lang naman.

My elder solid food nun is mashed potato, pumpkin,sayote, camote mixed with either breastmilk or nan hw formula milk. Now my elder is 2 lactum1 Yung milk nya affordable and walang soy, my youngest nan hw. a big big no po sa list of bawal sa g6pd Kasi di mo Alan alin ang makatrigger Kasi since lifelong sya.

Lahat kami sa bahay as if g6pd deff din. Lahat Ng substance na bawal wala ka makikita, pati food pag kasama ang mga anak ko ang pwedi Lang sa kanila yun din kinakain namin. I usually serve fruits sa elder son ko safe at healthy pa and yon din ang gagawin ko sa 3 mos ko pg pwedi na sya solid food.

I just pray that may makagawa na ng gamot for g6pd and we always pray that God will bless my children.

by: Anonymous

Hi im airen…my second son is positive in g6pd and yong range nya ay 0.94 lang he is 1mos.and 2weeks now and nakapag pa confirmatory test n rin scared para sa health nya although wala pa nmang sign saknya?? Breastfeed and Nan H.W ang formula milk n binibigay nmin saknya twing aalis ako..ask ko lang po sa mga mommirs here paano po patataasin ang enzyme ng mga babies n my g6pd and looking po ako ng good pediatrician n makapag explain ng husto regarding sa g6pd plan ko po magpunta sa pcmc para ipacheck ang baby ko any suggestions po..d po ba masama ang breastfeeding sa may g6pd babies???

help about milk
by: Lik

Hi daughter has g6pd deficiency..1month and 22 days.. s26 po yung milk nya and breastfeed po sya sakin.okey lg po ba yan n bonna ung milk nya?

by: kayteePretty

Hello mga mommies , my baby is already 3 mos. Old and im purely breastfeeding do i need also to avoid some foods na bawal din sa baby ko na may g6pd ? Thank you for youre response mga mommies

Formula milk replacement
by: Grace

Hi my son is already 1yr old and 2months. My g6pd. Ang milk niya NAN HW three, now I’m thinking kung ano pwede replacement kasi parang constipated sya & super dark talaga popoo nia. Ang vit. Nia cherifer lang then always ponkan/orange yung fresh. So far di pa sya nagkakasakit, super dalang niya magkaron ng sipon. Yesterday nag try ako pakainin sya ng burger steak,spageti & jco donut so far ok naman pero minimal lang. Pero usually kinakaen nia potatoes, nilagang baboy,tinola,lychee jelly ace& gerber cereal. Ok naman kasi sobrang ok sya kaya lang sobrang hyper,ganun daw pag my g6pd. My cousin’s daughter same with my son kumakaen na din ng ibang bawal pero iniwan lang tlga sa mga beans,ampalaya and soya. Ang vit. Naman ng baby nia propan white not the TLC, magkaiba kasi yun. So far ang taba na ng baby nia kaya mag change din ako dun though 14kgs baby ko, lean kasi kaya lang gusto ko medyo bilugan.

G6PD milk for i yr old
by: aileen

Hi po. need suggestion po kung anung milk pwede sa 1 yr old baby na meron din pong G6PD? tsaka vitamins po? thanks po.

by: Rina

Hi, My son is 2mos old he also has G6PD Deficiency w/c is 1.77 his pedia advised infant formula Hipp organic. It is Ok for him and what vitamins are good and safe he will take?

earth’s best
by: Anonymous

Hi Mommy Kristine, You can buy Earth’s best products in any healthy options branch… There’s a healthy option store at megamall, greenbelt and rustans

To Kristine
by: Nina

I’m a mother of 11 months old baby with G6pd. We gave our baby home-made-food since the day he started eating. U mentioned the brand Earths Beat Rice Cereals and Happy Timez Rice Cereals & oatmeal is it possible to tell me where and which store to buy it? I’m away from home but my husband is in the Philippines right now and eager to look for it… Thanks and Godbless!

Milk for babies g6pd
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone,

I have a baby that has g6pd and I was in your shoes 3yrs ago. To answer some of the common question which is the milk. I was advised to use DG milk, they come in 2 colors, blue and pink. Depends on the age of the baby. It is a bit pricey but that is all I can give to my baby then, goats milk. And because our babies are somewhat delicate in the sense na maraming bawal. It is best to consult with baby’s pedia.

This is important:

Factors such as infections, certain drugs, or ingesting fava beans can increase the levels of reactive oxygen species, causing red blood cells to be destroyed faster than the body can replace them. A reduction in the amount of red blood cells causes the signs and symptoms of hemolytic anemia.

food na bawal ni baby.

Hope this helps mommies

my baby g6pd
by: renan

anung milk po ang pwede sa baby namin na G6PD, kasi magwowork napo sana ang asawa ko, at anu po yung mga fruits na pwede sakanya mag 6 months old napo sya ngayong katapusan ng september 2014

thanks po, salamat po sa website nyo may natutunan po ako.

by: Anonymous

hello po..3 years old na po ang baby boy ko.may g6pd dn xa.gusto ko lng po malaman kung anong brand ng vitamins ang pwede kong ipainom sa anak ko.ung dati nya po kcng vhtamins ay restor big ef at namamayat po xa.anu po kayang vitamins ang pwede kong ipalit?salamat po.

Have a baby boy with G6PD and i’ m a G6PD my self
by: Anonymous

I just knew that i’m a G6PD myself when i delivered with my baby boy. We stayed for almost a week in the hospital, he’s bilirubin is always up even with breast feeding and phototheraphy. So doctors did screening for me and found out that i had it too.Like others i’m also concerned about my son being G6PD, its quite frustrating on which food to give. But considering my medical history since childhood having anemia and infection, always admiitted in the hospital almost every other month. Since i knew that i’m a G6PD my self, i tried to avoid the trigger foods but if i crave, i would eat the food that i crave for once or twice in a week but in small amount. Then after a week i make sure that i would go for a CBC for a check if it went below normal range. So far, both me and my son are healthy.

by: Anonymous

hi momies! ask qoh Lng bwaL ba s my g6pd ang mapuyat? baby qoh kc Laging late m2Log kakaintay s daddy nia umwe.. need an answer.. pLz..


g6pd 1yr old
by: Anonymous

hi.. mahigit isang taon naereles ung newborn screning kaya po hindi ko alam ung result.natangap ko ung result ngayong aug.23,2014 lang bali 1yr and 3weks na ung baby ko kaya po hindi ko alam ung mga pwidi at hindi kahit anong food pipakain ko. but i always prayed to the Lord that he give abundant of now doubt parin ako sa result ng scren g6pd.thanks God for he is my womb i invest my bby to cyang nagbgay sa in the Lord with all your heart and lean not your own understanding…

by: Ana

Any brand of paracetamol will do. Hinde nmn bawal ang paracetamol s my g6pd.

by: Anonymous

Hi, yung daugther ko ay may g6pd deficiency, she’s 1 month and 7 days, next wednesday ay sched nya for dpt vaccine, anong brand kaya ng paracetamol ang safe ibigay kung sakaling lalagnatin siya? Thanks sa magreresponse..

food and vaccines
by: jhekate

Hi baby girl is confirmed to be positive she just turn 6months..what best food can i gave her???and what vaccines should they have to protect them??…help please..thank you

by: Anonymous

to chyie last week galing me dun medical city.tue.thurs and sat po ang sched nila for confirmatory.400 pesos po binyad nmin.

my 20day old baby
by: chyie

hello momies sa nagpaconfirmatory test sa the Medical city how much po t ilang days bago makuha ang result? thank you

Difficulty feeding my toddler with G6PD
by: Anonymous

Any one could help me, some recipes you tried for your kids with G6PD ? Specially toddlers, my baby boy is having allergies with chicken and egg. I’m really having hard time on what to prepare for my baby.

to: confused mom
by: Anonymous

hi mommy, i’m also a mom with a g6pd deficient baby boy. my pedia gave us ceelin and ferlin and i specifically stated na bawal nga yong artificial vit. c dapat daw natural,but my pedia said na oks lang yon since it was given therapeutically, which, i belive kasi nga may list kami na to avoid nga at allowed given in therapeutic doses. so i think ceelin and ferlin are ok for g6pd baby basta with regular check up with pedia

Confused mom
by: Anonymous

Hi im a mom of a 6mos g6pd baby girl.our pedia prescribed ferlin and ceelin as her vit.ask ko lang po kung ok both vit.for my baby.?coz what i read fr.other moms comment na bawal both ferlin and ceelin sa g6pd babies.need your feedback.tnx

i have two son whose g6pd positive
by: valerie jane

I have two son whose g6pd positive.. one is 6 years old and the other is 2 years old.. they’re both healthy now..

about cherifer and vitamin c
by: rosy

Hi mommies, I have a 2-year-old son na diagnosed with g6pd. Since he was few months only, prescribed na sya ng pedia nya to take ferlin but no ceelin was prescribed unlike sa inaanak ko na same pedia doctor may ceelin. I think because, its not advisable ang artificial vitamin c. Kaya nga everyday naka oranges sya or fresh squeezed oranges sya. And about naman sa cherifer, I also asked my son’s pedia if pede sya magtake ng cherifer, sabu nya if gusto ko daw she prefer ferlin to give.

mommy karen
by: karen

hi im karen my son is 9 month old at positive din sya sa g6pd .. gusto ko lang malaman kong safe ba ipainom sa may g6pd ang tiki tiki at ceelin ?? thank you

First time mom
by: Kai

My baby girl who turns 6 mos. lang is also a g6pd baby. Dahil first time mom ako, nung nalaman ko na may ganun nga anak ko i was so depressed kasi nga yung first na impression ko sa sakit na un is lifetime plus i am on the medical field so mas naagreviate pa yung worries ko. But then natanggap ko din at mas naging careful pa ako,. I gave her milk nalang talaga na no soya or soya lecithin mlike yung nan hw 1 at ngayon is yung hw 2 na para mas sure pa rin ako na walang magiging reaction sa katawan niya. Ngayong kumakain na siya i tried the cerelac na my traces of soya, so far no reaction or allergy happened pa naman kso nga lang may konting worries pa rin kaya mas dinadamihan ko ang homemade foods niya kesa sa commercial. What brands pa ba ang pwede sa kanila kasi i have plans on shifting her milk and cereal food sana. Hope you can help me❤️.

vitamin c
by: Lanie

hi, my daughter has g6pd too, she is 1yr 3mos. I use to give her ceelin but after reading online na bawal artificial vit c,hininto ko na pagbigay sa kanya. the advice was to give her na lang fruits and veggies na rich sa vit c. My daughter loves oranges. then about sa milk mas ok din daw fresh goat or cow’s milk.. tnx!!

formula milk
by: Anonymous

hi.,my baby was detected with g6pd to.from 0 to 6mos ang milk nya was S26.after nun naging promil na,but then madalas sya magpoopoo,kaya we decided na gawing bonamil yung gatas po ba ang bonamil sa baby knw.she’s now 7mos din po b sakanya yung cherifer?thank you so much,

by: Anonymous

Hello po sa lahat, may G6pd son po akong mag 4yrs old,ok lang po ba if bigyan ko sya nang Cherifer? thankyou po

by: cris

im a father of a g6pd baby and ferlin is ok kc niresita po yan ng pedia namin, and my baby martina is healthy.. tnx

@krizza vitamins
by: grace

hi sis..ako kasi before I used to give my son ceelin but now we gave him cherifer. but i do believe that artificial bit. c is not applicable to babies/kids with g6pd

ceelin plus and ferlin
by: krizza

Hi, yung anak q 5months na she had g6pd dn, is it ok kaya na ferlin at ceelin plus ang ibgay qng vitamins sa knya, ? Pls. Help me

G6pd baby
by: Grace

Hi i have a 7 months old, my g6pd din sya. Until now medyo nalulungkot ako pero ng nabasa ko mga comments dito medyo panatag na ko. Nung hindi p ko ganun ka aware sa g6pd napakain namen sya ng cerelac pero sinusuka niya naka 3spoon pa lang..after 3hrs nagsuka sya ng nagsuka upon checking sa ingredients my soya din pala..then last sunday i tried giving him MARIE natuwa pa ko kasi naubos niya isang bilog but when i checked the ingredients again my SOYA LECITHIN kaya pala after 3hrs nagsuka na naman siya, so ginawa namen ng husband ko after magsuka pinapainom namen siya konting milk para mailabas niya lahat. Ok naman, simula nun nagreresearch na talaga ko. I want to learn how to bake cookies and cupcake for my son, help me naman po sa recipe, first time ko po talaga. Thank you in advance;)

Dont be scared to feed your little one…. eat healthy; stay healthy
by: Anonymous

Hi kung may soybean yon milk content ng baby mo try mo magshift sa milk na wala soya pra mas safe cya sa health ng baby mo… try to ask your pedia about it or go to the grocery and have time looking for the milk that is best for your little one. Ako gamit ko nan hw one then now nan hw two. They said goats milk or organic type of milk is good as option for g6pd babies but the problem is the availability sa grocery. Try mash potato sa baby mo for her first food. Cut it into small cubes then out little water then boil it for 10 minutes. Just mash it with spoon or fork dont use blender kasi nagiging glue ang texture nya. Add enough water to make the mixture smooth and not lumpy kasi baka mabulunan si baby then mix it with 2 scoops of her formula pra mas malasa.since kakastart pa lang nya kumain dapat hindi lumpy ang food nya to avoid gagging.pagsanay na cya sa semi solid food pwede mo na di masyado runny ang food ni baby. Just observe how your baby like her food texture kasi baby ko like it better if di cya masyado runny. Another thing don’t get too excited of feeding your baby to the extend you give her too much amount of food kasi nkakatuwa namn tlaga pagganado ang baby kumain.just like my son when i feed him for the first time i gave bake carrots then nasarapan cya so naparami kain nya so medyo na upset tummy nya kasi new sa kanya ang semi solid food and I learned my lesson to set a limit sa amount good luck and enjoy feeding your baby with healthy foods… bigyan mo rin cya ng drinking water to help avoid constipation….

ask questions
by: Anonymous

Hi po ung baby ko po 6months na po bukas she’s positive na may g6pd,i’m asking lng po about her milk bonamil po kasi ung milk niya hindi po ba ito masama sa kanya? May soybean po kasi akung nabasa dun eh please help me po..and kung what food po ba ang una kong ipapakain sa kanya..thanks

mother with g6pd baby
by: ems

i am also a mother of a G6PD baby. my daughter was diagnosed 2 weeks after i gave birth. Syempre sad and worried ako lalo na girl pa ang baby ko. Til now sad pa rin ako pag naiisip ko na madi-deprive sa ibang pagkain ang anak ko. Di ko rin alam bakit ganun kasi sa eldest ko na 8yrs old boy eh wala naman. Nagpa confirm agad ako sa Medical City, unfortunately same lang din ang result positive talaga sya. Now, she is 6months old, thanks to God at healthy naman sya. Okey naman sya sa S26 kaya lang when i transferred her to promil nahirapan sya mag poops, her pedia advise me to try Gain, start palang kami tomorrow and sana okey sya. Di ko rin sya mapakain ng cerelac because of soya kaya yung mga home-made nalang like boiled potatoe. Nagwo worry lang ako pag laki nya syempre kahit i-orient ko sya ng mga bawal eh hindi ko naman sya mababantayan all the time, for example sa school. Parati ko nalang pinagpi-pray ang anak ko na sana maging masunurin…Siguro proper orientation and guidance lang ng parents and ng mga relatives and friends doon sa bata. Salamat din sa mga comments dito marami din akong natutunan…

my 7 months old g6pd baby
by: Lyn

Hi mommies… i’m a mother of a a baby boy na may g6pd din. 7 months na cya and my only child. I worry a lot like everyone else here and I feel bad too na ang daming bawal sa anak ko. Being a mom my child’s welfare and safety is my top priority so i look online and did my own research what is g6pd kasi hindi masyado napaintindi sa amin ng doctor kung ano ang dapat gawin.after reading infos ang blogs of g6pd hindi na ako madyado nalungkot. I’m feeding my baby with home made foods instead of ready to cook cereals in box or preserved bottle foods. His milk is nan hw one from 0-6 AND now he is 7 months he is drinking nan hw two. Ang mga kinakain nya ay baked sweet potato, boiled white potato, boiled or baked carrots, egg yolk, whole rolled oatmeal (grinded), apple,pears, beets, banana. I cooked all his foods by boiling it with little water except sweet potato kasi mas masarap cya bake sa oven. I only add little water pra soft enough to digest sa baby at hindi masyado runny ang texture then i mash it or sometimes i used blender to get a smoother texture to avoid chocking hazard then i add 2 scoops of his formula sa food nya to give him a familiar flavor and somehow it taste so much better and healthier. No salt, no sugar ako sa baby food. I mix and match vegies to give my baby a variety of food. So far he is doing great sa health nya. He has develop normally according to his age. He is healthy and a happy baby…. Home made food is the best i think for g6pd babies ’cause we know what’s in it and no preservatives and other substances that might harm our g6pd def. babies…

a baby with G6PD
by: mae

may baby is born with G6PD..shes 2months first i felt so afraid and terrified about her condition..since our pedia explains everything that shes normal when she grow up but still avoiding some foods and medicines…i just wannna khow how to prepare a food that less expensive for her…and also no soy,beans or etc,..pls…pm me

good evening
by: Anonymous

pwede po ba mag ask if you have articles if ever meron, kung ano ang epecto sa inyo o ano ang naramdaman niyo nung nalaman niyo na merong G6PD ang baby niyo? ano po ang psychological and emotional effect sa inyo , or financial effect if ever meron po 

G6pd condition
by: Liam

Wat po best n vitamins SA baby KO 1yr old and 1month npo cya.ok LNG po b progress gold milk Nya.

9 months old – G6PD positive
by: Anonymous

Hi there, my son is only 9 months old now i receive the confirmation for his newborn test when he is already 7 month old, but when he was 6 month old i feed him with nestle cerelac which have traces of soya, even not stated in the ingredients they still put have traces of soya, what can be possible happen to him if we have continue to feed him with this cerelac? and also sometimes my husband is putting some vicks baporub on him when he was not feeling well, i did also put aciete de alcomporado when he got cough, anyone can share what will happen to him? im already avoiding it now but we havent consult his pedia doc regarding what we did.

9 months old G6pd baby
by: Mich

hi mommy Kairi, sulfites can be found on rice anf fish which are processed. If it is naturally cook by you, you don’t have to worry, i know it is free from sulfites, in short, our babies cannot eat the processed foods, you can allow him once, but in a little amount only.Still, it depends on you.consult it to the pedia of your baby… goodluck to us…

9 months old G6pd baby
by: kairi

Hi mommies, im kairi from cavite. my youngest son was confirmed to be having g6pd. the hospital from where we had his NewBornScreening gave us a list of

foods, drugs etc. for him to avoid FOREVER. this list includes PEANUTS,BEANS esp. FAVA BEANS, SOYA, LEGUMES, MINTS.

I feel sad whenever he sees his oldest brother eating sandwich with peanut butter, taho, soya milk , candies etc.. I cant give him any of those. Im worried when he gets older. Ive read that rice and fish, or any food with sulfite is not appropriate with him either.

What good food should i give him? What food do your babies enjoy the most ?? please help. Thanks

allergy reaction
by: Mich

hi mommy nicole, my baby has a g6pd def also, he has also rashes all over his body when he is a month old, i just change his milk with nanhwone, try some milk which is hw/ha, which i know is for the babies with allergy to cow’s milk. but don’t forget to ask this to your pedia.good luck

g6pd milk
by: Anonymous

just confirmed that my baby have G6PD….and we are now feeding her S26-Gold … is it safe for her? cause there a soy oil…. thanks…

by: Anonymous

Hi mommies my sone is now 7m/old and he is also positive sa g6pd 3 weeks after birth the hospital texted us kaya super scarred kami that moment pedis suggested us na s26 gold started milk niya super lusog nmn ng baby ko until now promil gold na milk niya we always giving him fresh fruits and gerber and also cereal without soya .. Sabi ng pedia ng baby ko Hindi daw maiiwasan ang soya pero wag lang sosobra

by: Queenie

Hi Mommies my baby also have G6pd. I gave him S-26 Gold. He is 2 months old now.Hiyang naman xa sa milk nya..Nagwoworry kasi ako sa food na pwd ko pakain sa kanya when he turn 6 months.Tska ano din po sana pwd nyang inuming milk pagdating ng 6 months old. Thank u

by: Anonymous

Hi i have a 2 year old boy and a 9 month old girl. They both have G6PD and i find it so hard to look for milk products that is safe for my babies.

allergic reaction
by: nicole

i have 4 mos old baby boy who is positive from G6PD..i have been observing that rashes are coming out in his neck …he can not even sleep well during day time….are these normal for babies with G6PD….

my 5 month’s baby
by: nhidz

ask q lng po…lahat po b ng contain soya ay hnd pwd ipakain s bby n my g6pd?at ung mga mom’s n nag b breastfeed e klangan din bang umiwas s mga bawal?

by: Mich

Hi Ms Ana, thanks for the comments, sobra tlga ako nag.aalala sa kondisyon ng baby ko ngayon, kaya di ako tumitigil sa kakaresearch, isa yung site na to sa nagpapaintindi sa akin.thanks much…

g6pd baby
by: erika

ano kaya ang pwede ipalit na gatas sa bady kong may g6pd,kasi hindi ko na kayang bumili ng mamahaling gatas …saka ano pa po ang pwede ipakain kasi 7months old na cya..

by: ana

to ms. rain .sis wag ka maxido mg worry about sa foods ng baby only child also have the g6pd on the first time i knew it.tlgang sobrng ng alalarin ako.pero ngaun ok nmn xia 2 years old na and healthy xia wala nggng serious problem. basta take note mo lng tlga yung sobrng bawal s my g6pd soya, mothballs, pero other food nmn hinde nmn ngkkroon ng reaksyon. ung anak ko pinapakain ko lahat basta small amount lng.ang hinde ko lng tlga bnbgy sknya is taho. and his milk is NAN PRo ngaun. but nung infant p xia is NAN HA.mas safe xia gmitin because it oil base SOYA.

by: Mich

Mga mommies nabasa ko d2 sa site na forbidden din ang foods with sulfites like fish, rice, vinegar etc. Sa may baby positve sa G6PD, nag.aalala lng ako sa anak ko in futre, wala na kc xang kakainin, please help nmn,…



by: Mich

I have a 1 month old baby name Rain, he has alsmeo a G6PD def. Me and my husband are so worried about his condition, but after reading a lot of blogs and comments about how to take care a baby with G6PD, i was not worried anymore. The best we can do as mommy, is to give them the safest food. The milk of my baby is a nan pro one, but we change it to nan hw one beacause he has a rashes on nan pro one milk. His pedia advice that it is safe for a G6PD baby since it is a cow’s milk.

g6pd defiency
by: analyn agustin

My anak ako n3y/o boy positive xa s g6pd as of now hndi p nmn xa ngkkrun ng pg atake..tanung ko lng po..wl bng paraan praan para mg negative n s skit n yan…sobrang nkkalungkot kc iba pgkain nia s kinakain nmin..sna po mtulungan nio aq

my son has g6pd also
by: kristine mae

my son’s nbs showed he has g6pdd. i breastfeed him. his milk is nan hw if he needs feeding that i am not around or if my stored milk in the ref has been consumed. nan hw has no soya lecithin. and i found out from personally checking the ingredients that lactum has no soya lecithin, too. so that will be his milk when he turns one.

i also cried and was devastated upon learning he has g6pdd cuz of deprivation of some foods, but on the brighter side, he will be eating healthy foods. the trick is on being knowledgeable on what to personally prepare for our babies.

his g6pd level is 1.1, and that is too small. it was difficult for me at first cuz i was put on a hypoallergenic diet to check if his rashes were due to some foods i ate, but later on we found out he had no allergic reactions to chicken, shrimps and eggs. so it is the g6pdd diet that i am now following.

his pedia recommended vit c and iron, but i was not comfortable with it that i seeked 2nd opinion from his hematologist, and based on his cbc and reticulocyte test, he is given folart for folic acid. iron vitamin would be determined after he will be tested for his iron level when he turns 6 month old. he is now 2 months, will turn 3 months on jan 6. personally i will not give him vit c and iron supplement. rather, i will let him eat foods rich in those, as long as those foods are not included in the DON’Ts.

vitamin for baby with g6pd
by: Anonymous

Leginsol-vita is best vitamins with g6pd because of its low content of ascorbic acid, it was prescribed by my pedia

Newborn screening center contact number
by: Anonymous

Please Call Newborn Screening Center for information regarding G6PD @ 045 624 6571 or 09178208118.


HI! I have an 8mos. old son who is a G6PD positive. His pedia told me a bit of this disorder and told me not to worry too much. I was told that I may be the carrier or I maybe a G6PD positive too. I have assessed my self upon hearing this and I can say that I am still living a normal life. Sharing my babies daily meal might help you a bit. I give him a boiled squash, potatoes, upo, sayote. I give him Gerber every other day, because his pedia told me that boiled squash and potatoes can only give carbohydrates, while Gerber has lots of nutrients in it. I avoided Cerelac since it contains soya. I tried giving him a cerelac once and I noticed that he started to look anemic. So cerelac is a no no in his meal. I give him fresh apple juice in the morning after taking his carbohydrates meal. He’s a happy healthy baby. We can do this mommies! Hope this helps.

by: Mary ann

Hi im mary ann my baby nathan got g6pd result in his new born screening so im asking kung do we need to the confirmatory test! by now only breestfeeding. nathan is 2moms old, so wondering also if what happen if i could not do the confirmatory test! thanks for this site.

Thanks God..

Hi, I’m Wena, a mother of two who are been positive in g6pd deficiency in new born screening test, my husband and i are so worried about our babies health before,but now, our worries is lessened after we found and read this site, I gain a lot of information that will really help to rising my kids healthy.

But I would like to know if you have a recommended hemotologist if sakaling maka experience ang baby ko ng hemolytic crisis?


soy lecithin
by: Anonymous

Hi, my child has g6pd deficiciency, it is best to avoid soy lecithin if you can since it is made from soya. It better that we are strict in our baby’s diet rather than be sorry later on. We can browse on cookbooks on what we can cook and we can bake our own cookies and cakes so that our babies can enjoy sweets and not be deprived. I always check the ingredients first before i buy it for my baby. There are many foods to enjoy, the key is to research first. God bless our children.

by: Anonymous

my son is going 6 months old and positive in g6pd, it is good for him to eat food with soya lecithin ingredients?

by: NOEL



ako po ay c maniliyn may baby is now turning 3 yrs old…..ask lng po ako what is the best vitamins for my baby…binaliwala ko lng po kc ang g6pd…kya khit ano lng po ang ibigay sa knya…maliban lng po sa soya…sna po ay hndi pa huli at sana ay matulungan nyo po ako…salamat po…ang nkita ko po sa knya ay naninilaw po ang knyang kamay(palm).please i need ur help…GOD BLESS PO…

by: neysa

i have 1 yr. old son and he also have a g6pd,i just want to know what vitamins and milk is good to him? can anyone adviced me?? tnx

my son has a g6pd
by: Akiesha

hi i’m akeisha, I would like to share with u some of my observations to my son who also happens to have a g6pd. Way back in 2006 when my ob-gyne told me that the baby inside my womb have dilated kidneys,i decided to go for a second opinion from another ob-gyne and it gave me a sigh of relief after hearing from her that it is just normal and that there is nothing to worry about. In july of 2006,when I gave birth,i was told that my son had jaundice and that he needs to undergo a newborn screening just to make sure that the baby is ok. In sept.2006, I received a letter from my son’s pedia that he has a g6pd,so she gave me a request letter to be brought in UP ,so my son could undergo another screening,and it didn’t surprise me at all. My son has a g6pd and that there are medications and foods that should not be given to him. Included in the list,are soy milk, or any foods that contains soya and medicines like cotrimoxazole. This puzzled me and made me cry for days. But, I realized that crying won’t do me no good,so I did stick on giving him the necessary care that he deserves.. But,recently my son had enlarged tonsils which made him susceptible to infections and that he had this hard time eating,and had always complaining of headache and rapid heartbeat. Almost every year in his 7years he had been a patient of the hospitals here in our province. I may say that all indicated signs of g6pd is avready manifested. I hope and I pray that God is on our side, I love my only son,my only child. I hope you akould help me by sharing your thoughts and recipes for a a g6pd patient. Thanks

God bless u, jireh @ 6
by: Anonymous a single mother..the time that the pedia told me that he has g6pd i was so scared..why it all happend the time when i was pregnant,ithink idid what the best i cud gave,while he still inside of me.. vita, eat veggies, pre-natal..water, even softdrink i’l stay away from it..when he started to eat i tried to cooked,.. always veggies but no beans at all..i’l try to teach him to eat fresh carrots..he loves okra, squash, he loves leafy veggies..even the food products i’l always see to it that there’s no soya..wheeeew! he’s now 6y/o @ im still confused about the food to that i read all the comments here i thank God for the relief i feel,..but im still need to focus on him cuz he having an asthma.. so help me GOD… GOD BLESS my son heal him cuz nothing is imposible in u.. IN JESUS name..AMEN!!

by: Anonymous

My baby Tom2 has been positive with g6pd in his new born screen. At first, Iam so helpless coz the doctor told me that it is dangerous to the health of my baby……but I know that God will heal him….To those moms with the same problem with my baby, please tell me what to do, just sent to my account… and thank you so much & May God bless us all!

g6pd baby
by: chen


My baby has been examined with g6pd deficiency in new born screen test when he is 1 month old. I was in tears when I browsed net about g6pd and found that he can’t eat many foods. We live in India and I had an appointment with heamatologist. He said my son can try everything other than fava beans which we don’t see often here. It’s something like g6pd severity differs to each baby and it might happen that the food one baby is allergitic to may not be allergitic to other baby. And then I decided not to worry much. Today I give him everything other than beans and he is doing good. It’s just that we fear and avoid most of the foods. In India most of the foods go with legumes and lentils and we can’t avoid it. My son’s body resisted it and he has them on regular basis.

So just relax and try to experiment if your babies body supports all types of food or not by introducing one at a time. But make sure whatever he is being medicated should be under doctor’s prescription

by: Anonymous


Im a new mother and my son, a 6th month old boy, has g6pd. I would like to know what are the food (recipes) that is allowed for him to eat.

I would appreciate hearing from you.

Thank you very much.

observations on a g6pd kid
by: Anonymous

hello everyone! I’m a mom of a 6 yr old g6pd boy. my husband and i tried hard as parents to orient him on the foods he should avoid as early as possible. it’s going quite well since by now even if somebody offers him food he should avoid, he always say no.

we just observed that everytime he’s wounded, he’s quite a bleeder or his bumps become swollen right away.(I know that kids always get this things every now and then so i’m not sure if the deficiency aggravates this kiddie mishaps.)

my sister also has a g6pd son but they give him everything. they introduce legumes, choco foods (w/ soy lecithin) and experiment on other foods to give their kid. nothing bad happened so far. well, we are not as experimental with our kid as they are.

our kid is growing normally even without experimenting. while it’s true that only fava beans, moth balls and menthol are the most “dangerous”, we still cannot compromise our kid’s health. REMEMBER: THE RED BLOOD CELLS ON A G6PD KID CANNOT BE REPLENISHED.

elow mommies of g6pd babies
by: Anonymous

i’m so grateful for the info from this site. i’m a first time mom and my 1 1/2 baby has the same newborn’s screening result. her pedia suggested s26 HA. it’s very hard to look for this milk because it is always out of stock. how i wish i could give the best to my baby…i’m always praying for her health. hope she will grow normally like other babies do.

g6pd yael
by: irene

my baby has g6pd since birth..

my husband and i fel bad wen we get his new born srcenning result..

its so hard for me to acept it bocz i dont know wat food 2 giv her weh he is starting to eat.

wat food are safe for my baby?now hes going 2 turn 6 months..

Children with G6PD are totally fine
by: Anonymous

I hope somebody reads this comment because it is way below so many earlier posts. I’m glad that I didn’t read the articles on G6PD on this website when I gave birth to my son, Felix, 9 months ago because these articles have really exasggerated it. G6PD is not a disease; it is a condition that one carries through out life. To many, this condition is trouble-less and one may forget about its existence few years down the road. To mommies of G6PD kids: you have nothing to worry about; just need to stay away from Fava bean, Menthylene blue and Moth ball. Yes, when I first learnt that my DS got it, I cried helplessly feeling as if the sky had collapsed. Fortunately, my pediatrician and many other people including doctors reassured me that it was a common condition, and that my son would grow up as healthy as other kids. And he has been really healthy till now.

I introduced him to solid feed when he was 5 months. I have given him cereals from brands such as Nestle, Happy Time, without worrying that the products contain soy. In addition, I also gave him TOFU, Legumes and many other fruits as well as veggies. You can safely introduce SOY to your kids. To be safer, you may introduce small amount first check the reaction. Please, do not limit your kids’ exposure to the wonderful world of foods just because of the articles here. Let them try and experiment. Again, just stay away from the 3 things mentioned earlier.

Let’s happily raising our kids.

by: Anonymous

I have a sister whose with the G6PD and she is disturbed. for now she has been given some list of drugs to be shown to any health worker but the DOCTOR has not yet informed her the kind of food to be given to the child and thie website is really helpful. THANKS FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL EDUCATION.

my shadrac
by: yhan


I am a mother of a 2 mos old baby boy with g6pd. I’m so nervous when i get the result of my baby’s nbs,but after the dr explain the do’s and donts in taking care of my son i felt releif..,iam thankful also to this site coz i got some info which is a big help for a mother like me…,

hoping that next time,i shall get info about the alternative baby foods that i can prepare for my son because i am a working mother..

to all the mother with g6pd babies dont loss hope,God is alive!!,according to the scripture “HE will never leave us nor forsake us” as long as we have faith in HIM..

Thank you and more power!

help guys
by: miranda

my kids were both diagnosed to have this, a year old this 23rd and a 2yr old boy on january next year. its really hard for me to look for safe foods for them since lists were given specifically at the internet and some were stated in their paper result.

can you send me safe lists of food and specific brands of medicines, vitamins that you made used and proven best and safe for our kids….

thank u so much…

im so glad and grateful to u guys and to our GOD that finally i found this site which i believe will be of great to us

by: bzmom

my son has also G6PD deficiency, he is now 4 months old, just want to inquire on to what vitamins you are giving to your kids? Thanks

by: Anonymous

so hard to look for the earth’s best rice cereal in the market.:( baby is now 6 months old with G6PD was so hard to accept when i first heard the news and i was crying the whole night thinking that i did everything to stay healthy. though I am a nurse myself but never did i encounter such disease until i have the example of my own..and take note my own blood and flesh.but as time goes i have now accept the fact that this is the reality and live like she is normal. but how can she live like a normal child when she grows up with all those prohibited foods??!poor baby!but thanks to all the sites like this that made it easy for us to prepare foods for our babies.chow!

g6pd baby
by: mhell

hi there! my son is a g6pd deficient too and was diagnosed since birth bec of new born screening. At first, it was really hard to accept, I was crying all along the moment that i received the result from hospital and my pedia told me that we need a second opinion from other hospital and still my son is positive from it. You are right, with proper care and knowledge we can let our child live normally and happy. now he is 5 years old and i’m still hoping that everything will turned out fine always. God bless us!!!

Food recipes for my baby
by: mommy eljee

hi there! can you pls help me find any book or site where i can find recipes for my baby..? this would be a big help for me (us) on hoe to prepare their foods and give them variety of foods.. i’m from philippines…thanks a lot.! god bless…

10mths now
by: Ube mama

I am from HK. My baby took soy milk powder for a week before as instructed by doctor, since he got lactose intolerence, and found no harm to health so far. My doctor strongly advised that no fava beans no napthalene balls, many G6PD children can have normal and healthy life.

moms who have g6pdd baby
by: Tona

my baby girl, now 10 month old was also diagnosed to have g6pdd. at first i was so stressed thinking how would i take take of her, how and what should i feed her, how can i avoid the triggers and all that stuff. evrytime i surf the net about g6pdd and little by little i became educated of this disorder. it’s not really that serious after all, as long as you avoid the triggers. i even read that, some allergies are even worse than g6pdd. among the triggers the worse that could affect your babies are infections and exposure to chemicals. i was lucky i got a neighbor who’s son is also positive and she gave me tips on what to feed my baby. sometims she said she lets her son try soy sauce and peanuts to see the effect, and she said he’s ok. by the way, her son is already 6 years old. she said food is really not a problem to g6pd children unless you feed them fava beans, which is a big no,no. Every now and then, i searched for recipes for my baby which is usually vegetable and chicken with rice. I am very thankful that God has been blessing my kid’s health.At 10 months she is alredy 10.5 kilos and 75.5 cms tall. So far she only got a cold when we went home to the province but after 2 wks without medication, she’s okay. She haas very good immune system because i see to it she’s done with all her vaccines. She’s had hepa-b, dpt-polio, bcg, measles and pcv. next month she’ll have her HIB and MMR. This way we can avoid certain viral infections which would really harm our baby. Now me and hubby are enjoying her tremendously. She’s a very bright little girl. Just be patient with discovering what’s good and not for her and most of all, always ask God’s divine guidance and protection for your child. Don’t worry. Enjoy your babies and goodluck mommies!

A little care
by: Rohit

I am now 63 years old, and my oldest daughter who turned 41 has been living with G6PD since birth. She was diagnosed when she was 2 years old, and back in the day we wd not have had access to all the resources you have now.

The rule of thumb we have used for all these decades initiated by our daughters pediatirician is stay away from Fava bean foods and Napthalene balls. Everything else, in minor moderation is about ok. Having lived in California, we see a lot of Mexican food which is rich in beans and legumes, and consumption of this in moderation is fine. Of course, with every few years, we have added to the list of medicines we have to be careful about…and by age of 15-16, our daughter was able to manage this herself.

Now, our daughters kids (7 and 5) were also tested for this deficiency, and one of them has it. She will be following same instructions and procedures that we followed as parents.

The key here is knowledge and a little care. Life has so much to offer, G6PD is not a blocker. We are living proof of parents that have had kids who went through with this, have emerged healthy and happy, and are leading fulfilling lives.

by: ice

At first I was blank about what g6pd is, but I searched and after that I felt worries and stress thinking what my baby will eat, how will my baby grow? All of the triggers are mostly food for the brain but I saw your blog miss Kristine and i looked in all supermarkets for the Earth Best cereal. I saw healthy options but different brand names. I asked the pedia to recommend a formula milk for the g6pd baby but he said to me all contain a small amount of soy – I trust what he said to me. Now my baby is six months I’m really careful what I prepare for him – the best food we must prepare for g6pd is our homemade food! Thank to this blog I have lots of ideas to take care of my 1st baby.

its genetic
by: ANA

@ eden-when i found out that my son had the G6PD i was very upset..but when i’m started to read some information about it,my worries lessened. so try to browse on internet some sites for you to be son turning 0ne next month and he’s a well baby…

bout g6pd
by: eden

hi .. my 3rd child has this one too… i need all infos about so worried, my daughter is 2mos old now.. my eldest is now 15yrs old and did not experience new born screening and my son who’s now 8 years old did nt undergo new born screening too but both of them are okay.. they can eat all the food that they want…im just wondering, how come my new baby has g6pd..? I’ve completed my prenatal check up and vitamins…im so confused.

be knowledgeable
by: mesherod

hi!im a mother from palawan.its good that there is a site like this that

comprehensibly explains the situation of a child that has g6pd happens that my youngest child suffered from this disorder.the doctor of my child said that i dont have to worry coz my baby is ok,that she will still grow normally and needed

to avoid certain foods. but the problem is she still needs to undergo the confirmatory test..and that is all info i learned from him..while waiting the result i check the net to find some credible information that will help me to properly nurture my baby,and finally i found this where i gained lots of only sad that these babies are deprived from many foods that others enjoy..

still we are blessed that our babies got this one,which is the mildest disorder..

jojo is ok
by: farah

i have known that my son has favism when his a month old.he was yellowish when he was born and stayed in hospital for over a week.he undergo phototheraphy.his pedia insisted on having a test on his bilirubin.i freaked out coz seeing my son’s tiny vein is being pricked with needles with doctors,nurses and med a private hospital n roxas city,capiz and they are incapable of extracting a blood from my son for his 6th try they hit the right vein but my son is exhausted and the result after an hour and his bilirubin was really high.g6pd gave a hard time on my baby after he was born because i dont know that he has g6pd yet and before i wasnt aware what g6pd was.thank you for this sites.

concerned for my son’s health
by: Abi

@ Ana – I live in Alabama. I have found sites that tell what he can’t have, but I am looking for a site that will have an extensive list of what he can have. I am very concerned about the upcoming school year. It’s going to be very hard trying to teach him this long list of what he can’t have. So i thought it might be easier to teach him what he can have.

His dr also told me to get a medical alert bracelet, and I am wondering what to put on it.

try to browse
by: ANA

@ ABI – try to browse on the internet some info’s regarding the g6pd it will be a big help.. much better if your very well known regarding your child’s case. by the way where u from because u said most of medical professionals in your place doesn’t know about it.

concerned for my son’s health
by: Abi

@ Ana – He has been sick since birth, but I was just told that he was jaundiced and anemic. But, because he has been having so many problems, our recent dr screened him for it. I believe that most drs don’t know about it, and that’s why he wasn’t screened before. I know a lot of medical professionals, and they don’t know about it. The problem is, my kids have a new insurance, and can’t see the same dr. So now I am trying to get info on my own. At first I wasn’t as concerned, because he has always had certain things. Then, I thought about the fact that he’s been sick the whole time too. So now I trying to figure out what he can have.

thank you
by: ANA

thank you so much kristine for explaining very well..:-)) @ ABI- so you mean just recently your son just diagnosed having G6PD?how that happens?i mean g6pd can actually diagnosed 1-2 months old. how come ur child grow that old not knowing he have it?

concerned for my son’s health
by: Abi

My son is a week away from his sixth birthday. He was diagnosed with g6pdd a few months ago. At that time, we received a short list of things he could not have. Since then, we have lost his dr, and found a HUGE list of ‘do not’s’ on the internet.

How do you deal with this? I have been searching for what he couldn’t have; but, the list is so extensive that I have begun searching for foods he can have. I am now concerned about him eating school lunch. I can’t afford to prepare him a lunch everyday, so how do I deal with him not getting sick at school. Right now he is drinking a lot of Ensure. He loves certain foods, and has cried because he can longer have them. Because he is one of the few that actually gets symptoms/sick from g6pdd, how do I keep him safe from foods, while allowing him to live a healthy life?!?! He wants to enjoy time with his friends, eat what they eat, and do what they do. However, not being around menthol, and not being able to eat so many things limits that for him.

PLEASE help!!!! There are so many medical professionals that don’t know about/understand this disorder…that makes it hard for me to help my baby.

best milk for g6pd bby wth affordable price..
by: kath

hi im kath can ann sugest me a milk that has a affordable price????plz reply thnx

by: Christine (editor)

Ana, the issue is that the sulfites in grapes MAY act as a trigger… this may not, however, be the case for all children and it seems that they are not a problem for your child (although it’s always good to check with your doctor to be sure). As many commenters on this page have found, their children are sometimes able to eat foods on the ‘forbidden’ list without issue :). But it’s worth knowing which foods COULD cause problems.

by: ANA


by: Christine (editor)

Ana, this is because grapes naturally contain sulfites, which can act as a trigger for the condition.

by: ANA


G6PD Baby
by: Yin

nice to hear that Szen now i know what to do and i don’t want my daughter to be left behind when it comes to those forbidden food, yes they can still enjoy those food with a certain amount. i really wanted to attend the seminar at UP… pls. tell me other things that i need to know….tnx God bless us!

Both son has g6pd
by: Szen


Im a mother of two that has g6pd, they are both boys. At first i was crying as i found out about my eldest son having g6pd.. Its the first time i heard about it and kinda ignorant. So i search for the meaning of it on the net and ask our pedia about what really is it. On my first child, i follow all the “to eat and not to eat” foods for him. As much as possible i dont cook meals w/ soya, and beans. I did it for almost a year until i gave birth to my youngest, that’s the time they offer me to aatend a seminar @ UP. They explain each foods that Not allowed for them. Only then that i realised that eating those prohibited foods w/ normal amount would not affect my son. They told us to still eat it but w/ certain amount and not regulary… For them (kids) not to feel ignorant about it, nd for them not to feel left alone.

I red that someone asking if he can still bring his child abroad…ofcourse u can, There’s no harm in it! Now, my child is 5 nd 4yrs. Old healthy and happy… :))

G6PD Baby conti.
by: Yin

I just found out that the G6PD is lack of enzyme. The enzymes in raw foods are destroyed by heat. It was found that after a person eats cooked food, his/her blood responds immediately by increasing the number of white blood cells. This is a well-known phenomena called ‘digestive leukocytosis’, in which there is a rise in the number of leukocytes – white blood cells – after eating. Raw foods are rich in enzymes. Enzymes are needed for the digestive system to work. They are necessary to break down food particles so they can be utilized for energy. The human body makes approximately 22 different digestive enzymes which are capable of digesting carbohydrates, protein and fats. Raw vegetables and raw fruit are rich sources of enzymes.While all raw foods contain enzymes, the most powerful enzyme-rich food is sprouted seeds, grains, and legumes. Sprouting increases the enzyme content in these foods enormously. So if one of the forbidden food is legumes we must avoid it.

G6PD Baby
by: Anonymous

I just received a short message from my OB this morning regarding the New Born Screening result of my daughter, she was just 2 weeks old and doesn’t have any symptoms of it, she’s normal and positive to G6PD I felt bad and nervous about it because its my first time i heard about it and my eldest son is normal. She still need to undergo a confirmatory test. I’m still hoping that they had a mistake when it comes to her NBS result.

What i did, i keep on reading about G6PD and read all your comments and i find it very helpful. She’s breastfed and its so sad that this is a long term condition that doesn’t have any cure and there’s a lot of food and medicine should avoid I hope that my daughter can still live and enjoy life despite of it.

5 years old and normal
by: Butch

My son was diagnozed with G6PD when he was born. I know that at first this may sound scary because it is an incurable condition but I advise comprehensively reading about this deficiency, especially how this came about. You will find that people with G6PD are relatively malaria-proof. And this is a result of evolutionary necessity.

Anyway, he is 5 years old and very active both physically and mentally. He eats adobo and likes his rice to have Knorr seasoning which has soy. Sometimes we overreact to the foods that are supposedly not allowed but as long as they are not in excessive quatities, the effects are hardly felt or even noticed. The only absolute no-no are FAVA BEANS and MOTH BALLS. Locally, Boy Bawang mixed nuts has fava beans. They are also called Pop Beans. Just make sure to inform your child’s school teacher and nurse about his/her condition so that they can also be on the lookout for other kids sharing these forbidden foods.

growing with g6pd
by: mommybelle

my 9 months old baby is ok… though she’s a little pale, but she’s a hyper active baby.. surely g6pd have no physical effect or you wont see it as long as you make sure that they’re eating a healthy food.. right now she’s taking banana(with rice) porridge,squash,sweet potato, potatoes,and bread as her first solid food.and also i give her calamansi juice and watermelon sometime.. for her milk, im not giving her breastmilk anymore cause i eat foods that are not allowed for her so i give her enfalac from 0-6 moths and enfapro from 6 onwards.. in some sites and blogs, they suggest that its ok for babies w/ g6pdd to take enfa products cause it dont have soya on it, or might have low soya oil that dont have an effect at all…

i love my baby
by: Anonymous

my son has g6pd.he uses bonna as his it ok for my baby to have this milk?before, my baby used s26 gold but he vomits everytime he drinks this pedia said that he is allergic to s26 gold and i should stop feeding him this kind of i substituted s26 with bonna.

by: melroco

my pedia suggest infalac 0-6 months, infapro a+ 6 months to 1 year, then infagrow a+ for 1 to 3 years, my daughter is turning three and she has g6pd positive and avoiding some foods that nots allowed to her. she’s active and thanks God she’s ok.

this site is very helpful to us.

My baby used S26 too.
by: Tona Mercado

My baby, now 6 months old was also diagnosed with G6pd. Her milk was S26 from 0-5 and now she is on Promil, so far she’s ok and healthy. Maybe because her the level of, i forgot what it was, but it saays there that norma kids have it as 12.2%. my baby has 11.7%. So her pedia said that it is not as low as other kids who have g6pd. Now as her first solid food i introduced to her carrots. I fist boiled it then prueed it in an osterizer and she loves it. Then I cooked brown rice ( grinded ),and put pureed squash in it. And she also eats it with gusto. After eating she still wants her milk then she sleeps.

I recommend to you mothers, try preparing food for your babies rather than buying prepared ones. Its more healthy.

2 years old boy

is there any substitute for soy sauce

by: Dew

for those who are looking for a formula milk for their g6pd child.. you can safely use NAN HA (hypoallergenic) milk. SILICA



safe to eat biscuit for G6PD def baby
by: Anonymous

hi…would like to ask if there is a safe to eat biscuit sold in the market for my 10 months G6PD def baby??? thank u and God bless us

milk fo baby with g6pd
by: mommy jie

Hi moms,

I have a running 6month old most of us, it was kinda hard to accept that my daughter has eldest is perfectly fine.

I have been using DG milk which is a goats milk aside from breast milk because I work. Its not a very accessible milk in Mercury Drug store but they are available in SM.0-6months are pink colored small can (only size) and then 6-12months are blue colored.It gets expensive because my girl can consume that small can in 2-3days.

Still hopeful that I can find other milk that is best for her.

Good luck

mom of twins w/ both g6pd deficient
by: elline

just wanted to ask, where is whole foods or joes traders located? i am not familiar with the place. pls reply pn this. thank you very much.

looking for formula milk for my little one
by: naaj azza

my son 3months old have G6PD. right now im looking for formula milk for him..most in market are contain lecithin soy..its quit difficult for me to find i give my baby Anmum ‘infa care’. but its still contain lecithin soy..can anyone suggest me what should i do or give….

Earth’s Best Cereal
by: Angie

You can find Earth’s Best Cereal at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s.

4 Month Old Baby Boy
by: Angie

I’m a mom to a 4 month old baby boy with G6PD Deficiency. My son has used Earth’s Best Cereal for his first solids which is probably the cheapest 100% organic cereal so far.

The best milk for any baby with G6PD Deficiency is breast milk because then you can monitor what you ingest up until the age of 1. The other alternatives are cow’s milk, goat milk, evaporated milk, and there is another form of milk that is obtainable only through a doctor’s prescription. Formula is very tricky because when my son was born they substituted my breast milk with formula, at that time we didn’t know he had the disease, his bilirubin level sky rocked and then needed a blood transfusion. If you are pregnant and you are reading this, if you know this disease runs in your family, make sure to breast feed until you have your newborn screen, and under any circumstance do not let them substitute your milk for formula.

One thing I will like to know, I have seen that peas are part of the list for not to haves but i need to know if that is green peas or the peas that are associated with beans.

mom of twins w/ both g6pd deficient
by: elline

my twins are the youngest of my five children. pls i need to know where i can find earths rice cereal or timez rice meals. they are now five months old & they are about to start eating solids.

by: Anonymous

Hi thanx so much for such a helpful site. Please i also want to know if my girl child with g6pd and 11mths old can eat unrefined sugar, salt banana, mangoes or if i can give her calpro when she has fever. Thank u once again for ur site.

Food for G6PD
by: Sena

Hi! I have a 5 month old daughter with g6pd too. my pedia recommends all natural ang organic food like mashed potatoes, carrots, squash, and banana. Its better to prepare their own food than buying processed foods, this is to ensure safety and free from the harmful food and chemicals of our babies. I haven’t tried giving her solid food, but i already gave her orange juice for a start. Food processors, blender is a great help too.

by: Mom mom

I have just gain coustdy of my 9 month old granddaugther she has G6pd I have noticed the milk she drinks Parents Choice has soy letchin I need to change her milk. I did see some suggestions and will try the different milk. I need to know what else can she eat she is starting to eat table food and the choices are zero to non, she does not poop good I guess it because the soy letchin in her milk. HELp

Enfalac in Jakarta, Indonesia
by: Fenny

Hi, Enfalac is free of soy ? desperate in finding suitable milk for my 9 months baby with G6PD.

by: Tzia Estanislao

hi there! my baby xavier is a g6pd also and its so dissppointing that he can’t eat foods the way other babies does. i salute his pedia for the patience in letting me know what g6pd is all about. i am also thankful for this site that i gained a lot of information.

my baby’s milk is similac hw plus and it’s worth it though the price really aches the pocket. i hope treatment for g6pd will be studied and i am hopeful my baby can outgrow the said deficiency.

milk formula for g6pd babyhi
by: mamadotcom

hi rose of laguna,

well, i have a 4mo old baby and has g6pd also, and we are using ENFALAC regular as his milk..he poops and sleep should try it too..

by: rose of laguna

same here. i just discovered that my daughter has it too… unfortunately, her milk is S26 and it has soybeans if im not mistaken.. i hope you could recommend me the brand of milk which is suitable for her.. she is one month old now.. thank you

cereal rice
by: maricel

my son is also g6pd positive.may i ask what vegetable are forbidden food for g6pd child?were can we buy the earth best rice cereal and how much is the cost?

Where to Buy?
by: Marilyn Agustin


May i ask for help where to buy the Happy Timez Brand and Earth’s Best Organic Food for my Baby Jillian Keira (G6PD Baby);)



by: champoi

hi,was browsing 2 learn more about g6pd and i found this site..we just found out too that my 1month old baby has g6pd..i kept myself busy learning more about this deficiency and i find this disordr very sensitive..being a 1st time mom,i felt desperation everytime i think of fo0ds i needed to eat because i breastfeed..too scared that i may not give proper nutrition to my baby because of what i eat..i hope mothers out there can suggest some please..checking on contents of all fo0ds that we buy is never a problem to me however the list of foods and drugs to avoid are too broad..i hope too that s0meone can give me a complete set of fo0ds,chemicals,drugs that we need to avoid and wishing that c0mm0n names will be included too..hope i can hear fr0m you guys s0on..thanks much..

by: arilyba

i have a son who is diagnose with G6pd also.. me and my husband are so worried about our son…. we are wondering, can a person with g6pd like our son can travel abroad? we are planning to have our vacation, but worried if they are allow to travel..

by: hermilyn

thanks for the info i know to take care my daughter ayeisha soleil

My G6PD-deficient baby is going to eat solid food soon…by: mommy liz

Thanks that I read this just in time because my baby is going to eat solid food very soon. As a first time mom & with a G6PD-deficient daughter, I am really very problematic of what’s going to feed her when she turns to eat solid. Actually, this G6PD thing is new to me, only happened to know that upon NBS. (And its the most common condition among new born babies because almost every babies we met at UP-NIH where we had the confirmatory test also have that case) Since then, i started to educate myself re G6PD, and yes your right mommy kristine, it’s a life-long condition. And I agree with the other information you said here, especially with the foods that must be avoided which can serve as triggers.

I recommend these helpful websites for moms who have G6PD-deficient babies. These sites contain everything we need to know about our babies’condition and how we could take good care of them.



May I also share these list of foods, drinks & chemicals that must be avoided:

1. Fava beans (dingdong nuts, mr. bean); legumes (habitswelas, garbanzos, kadyos or black beans, monggo); bitter melon or amplaya; blueberry; soya food (taho, tofu, tokwa, soy sauce; tonic water; red wine.

2. Chemicals such as methylene blue; arsine; phenylhydrazine; toluidine blue; aniline eyes; camphor; napthalene (balls); henna; menthols like alaxan gel; begesic, ben-gay, broncho rub white, efficascent oil; listerine (mouthwash, pocketpacks); mediplastin; megascent oil; mentopas medicated plaster; omega pain killer.

Thanks for this wonderful insight mommy. Happy parenting to all moms!

by: fenny

hi ,,,my baby 7m old, also G6PD. can he eat quaker cereal as breakfast ? how about GERBER rice cereal ? thanks alot

rice cereal
by: jessie

my son has also a g6pd, his pedia recommends only rice ceral, but i cant find any plain rice ceral.. where can i buy earths best rice cereal?

My baby has G6pd too
by: Tona

Im gald i chance upon your story. My baby was born with G6pd too. She’s now 1 1/2 months. My husband and I are very worried since we dont know much about their disorder. Every so often we call on her doctor for certain things and I am so worried because my first child has no disorder like this. Seems like you’re already adjusted to her disorder. Thanks so much for sharing your story at least it lessen my worries. God bless!

by: freida

thanks for the info, my son was 6 mo. old named yvann louis.

G6pd deficiency
by: Tracy Ann

My son is also born with G6pd deficiency. But he is still living in normal life. However, I avoid all the foods that can trigger his condition. By the way my son is one year old last august 7.

Great Help!
by: zhely

Im glad that I found this website , my son was a G6pd positive as well , and it seems that he is so excited to take solid foods at this time . Good thing youre in PH as well , coz most of the Blogs Im seeing here are either from US or other Asian Countries thats why I dont know where to find those cereals that doesnt have any traces of SOYA . Of corz we all want to have our baby to live a normal and yet healthy life even with their condition right ? ..:)

by: Pau

This site is very helpful..I’m a new mom and looking forward what’s best for my g6pd positive baby..My baby boy is now 5 months and about to take solid foods .So it’s good to know that I’ve found this site..

by: enz

me too.. i have 9 month old baby boy with g6pd.. thanks for the info..

thank you
by: Anonymous

wow! thank you very much for the information. i have also a 3 months old baby with a g6pd deficiency. even he is already 3 months, i am wondering what food can he eat when he reach his 6 months old. thank you very much because i have now the idea what food does my baby can take.

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